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Underwater adventures with cochlear implants and sound processors

Underwater adventures with cochlear implants and sound processors


How to swim with a cochlear implant and an audio processor?


Vacation is the most marvelous time in the whole year, but an audio processor is also a marvel… of technology!

Cochlear implants are prosthetic devices which substitute natural hearing.

Thanks to implants and audio processors a hearing-impaired person can hear, learn to speak and thus live like a person who does not suffer from this impairment.

Unfortunately, the audio processor, the outer part of the cochlear implant, is not waterproof so in situations such as taking a bath or a shower a child has to take it off and is d e a f again. Such a solution is neither convenient nor comfortable, but people get used to this.



Hear the vacation

When vacation is coming and swimming becomes its part and parcel, in order to stay in contact with your child it’s worth to buy s p e c i a l  a c c e s s o r i e s. They will help you let your child hear waves, plops, summer storms or the sound of crunching an ice cream wafer.


Which accessories are waterproof?

For the MED-EL processors the producer offers special WaterWear covers which can be put on the processors and make the processors waterproof.


Being worried about the processor

When their children are small many parents are afraid of using WaterWear covers and don’t use them.

We surely remember that buying a processor is a serious expense (9000 euros!) and if it breaks down it will make the child live in silence again. The manual of waterproof covers says that using them should be done ‘at one’s own risk’.


The fact that many parents are afraid of using covers is no surprise then!

When children are small parents rarely use covers, because their little ones are always near them, they understand each other without words and there is – theoretically – no need to use covers.


Growing up, communication, changes, changes, changes…

As children grow up there comes such a moment when they want to be in constant contact with their peers. In order to play with other kids children want to hear what others say and what’s going on in their closest environment.

Only then parents of children who use implants start to use waterproof covers.


How to use waterproof covers for audio processors?


1. Special batteries

In order to work, standard 675 implant batteries need air and covers for audio processors are watertight so – after a minute of being used in covers – the batteries turn off and give out. While using covers use rechargeable batteries or batteries for swimming which do not need air.

2. Dry and clean hands

Remember to put the cover on with dry and clean hands. Any grease means danger!

3. Putting WaterWear on as instructed

Read the instruction of putting on the WaterWear cover and do it slowly.

4. Trial

When your cover will be on the processor and you stick the protecting sticker, use water tap to check if the cover does not leak.

5. The protecting sticker is single-use

The sticker should be used only once. Each time use a new sticker. Check the SmartEar substitutive single-use stickers.

6. Protect the processor in the cover against getting lost in water

In order to do this you can use a comfortable Nammu swimming cap. The cap will keep the processor on your child’s head.

To protect the processor use also a special hook with a ring clasp thanks to which you can attach the cover with the processor to the swimming cap, hair or swimming suit.

7. Use only one processor for swimming at once

Even if your child wears two processors, for swimming use only one of them. With one processor the child will hear and if it accidentally gets wet the second one will be waiting in a safe and dry place. The second processor can be safely kept in a protective case.


A swimming pool, water, sea – they’re a part and parcel of each child’s life. Water gives children a lot of joy and influences their development in an amazing way. Prepare yourself and your child for swimming and playing in water, and let yourself live and enjoy life.



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