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Batteries VARTA 675 Power One IMPLANT PLUS BOX (60pcs)

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Power one hearing aid batteries have a long tradition of being "Made in Germany" and rank among the world''s highest selling batteries. Why are they so inordinately successful? Because they offer the best possible quality and reliability, and are extremely long lasting and superbly comfortable.

Power One is a market and technology leader for cochlear implant (CI) batteries. Our cells are the only products worldwide to be recommended by Cochlear®, the market leader for hearing implants.

Since implants have a very high energy requirement, POWER ONE IMPLANT PLUS, as an especially durable battery, is excellently suited to cope with such challenges.


  • Type: zinc air battery
  • Mercury Free Cochlear Battery - Hg 0%
  • Usage: hearing aids, speach processors (cochlear implant systems)
  • Voltage: 1,4V
  • Model: 675, PR44
  • Other model number: B6754, B900PA, AC675E, PR44, HA675, 675AU
  • Box quantity: 60 pieces
  • Expiry date: minimum 2 years
  • Typical energy (mWh): 760

Remember to let your hearing aid batteries sit un-tabbed for one minute before putting them into your hearing aid. Giving the battery that extra minute allows air to enter and activate your battery.

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