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MED-EL Sonnet / Sonnet 2 FM battery cover (6 colors)

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Original FM battery cover for MED-EL SONNET / SONNET 2 cochlear audio processor.

The standard input jack on the FM Battery cover provides you the widest variety of connectivity with different audio devices. The input jack is the same three-pin 'Europlug' socket that is used with hearing aids – which allows CI users to use their personal assistive devices including radio aids.

Direct audio connections will generally provide better sound quality than listening via a telecoil.

When using with an ear level radio aid receiver (such as the Phonak Roger X): Turn the audio processor off, insert the receiver, and turn the processor back on. When the radio aid is activated, the audio processor will automatically integrate the sound signal.

When using with direct audio cable: Connect the 3-pin connector of the MED-EL Audio Cable (grey end) to the openings at the bottom of the FM battery pack cover. Mind the orientation of the three pins and do not use excessive force when connecting the cable. Connect the audio plug (yellow or red end) to the audio output of the battery-powered device.

Radio transmiter and direct audio cables are purchased separately.

Available in the following colours:

  • Anthracite (30492),
  • Beige (30836),
  • Grey (30837),
  • White (30835),
  • Ebony (30833),
  • Black (30834)

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Hearing device
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