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Single clip-on "invisible" hook for MED-EL Rondo 3 / Samba 2 audio processor

  • Single clip-on hook for MED-EL Rondo 3 / Samba 2 audio processor.
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Single clip-on "invisible" hook for MED-EL Rondo 3 / Samba 2 audio processor.

A single clip-on hook helps people use MED-EL Rondo 3 / Samba 2 audio processor in everyday life. 

Which devices are suitable for a clip-on hook?

  • For MED-EL Rondo 3 or Samba 2 audio processor.

What does a clip-on hook look like?

A single clip-on hook is made of a thin 0.6 mm silicone line, a plastic clip and a dedicated plastic adaptor for MED-EL Rondo 3 / Samba 2. The line length from the clip to the processor is approximately 21-22 cm. Light and little clip make a strong connection to cloth. The hook is subtle and unobtrusive.

For whom is this clip-on hook?

The clip-on hook will be a good solution for MED-EL Rondo 3 / Samba 2 users with shorter hair, who can't use any alternative solution (e.g. hook with hairpin)
The product is intended for people over 14 years of age.

What are the functions and advantages of the SmartEar clip-on hook?

  • protects the hearing device against potential loss,
  • protects the audio processor against falling, scratching and damage,
  • has a positive effect on the sense of security,
  • it is subtle and unobtrusive.


The SmartEar hook has a 6-month warranty.



Do you have any questions? Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers about the SmartEar single clip-on hook:


Will the clip-on hook fit the MED-EL Rondo 2 processor?

No, due to the special mount in the Rondo 2 processor, the hook cannot be attached to this device.

Will the clip-on hook fit the MED-EL Samba 2 processor?

Yes! The mounts on the MED-EL Rondo 3 and Samba 2 processors are the same.

Is it possible to order a double hook for two devices?

No, this type of hook is only available in a single variant.

Can I order the clip-on hook with a longer line?

Yes, it is possible to order a single clip-on hook with a different length.

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