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U-Sonic 2 electronic cleansing station for ear molds

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U- Sonic 2 electronic cleansing station for ear molds

The u-sonic 2 is a good choice

Your ear molds, hearing protection and slim tubes will be perfectly cared by comfort cleansing, the life span increased, the risk of failure and repair costs signicantly reduced.

Easy handling by touch on a sensor button, everything is handled by processor fully automatic.

Millions of tiny bubbles are created when power-ultrasonic is passed through liquid. These bubbles burst powerfully at the surface of ear molds and release the dirt.

The result – hygienic cleanliness, Germs are reduced and health risks is minimized.

The u-sonic oers added value. Eective and gentle cleansing is the best for good hearing.


Cleanses and cares your ear molds

Moisture and ear wax can impair the function of ear molds, hearing protection, slim tubes and cause failures.

The u-sonic 2 oers optimal cleansing. Powerful ultrasonic at 46 kHz ensures already with clean water hygienic cleanliness. For intensive cleansing the addition of a small amount of cleansing concentrate is recommended.

Other applications are small dentures, braces, jewelry, coins and other ultrasonic cleanable parts.

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