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Underwater adventures with cochlear implants and sound processors

A guide for swimming with cochlear implants.

Vacation is the most marvelous time in the whole year, but an audio processor is also a marvel… of technology! Cochlear implants are prosthetic devices which substitute natural hearing.Thanks to implants and audio processors a hearing-impaired person can hear, learn to speak and thus live like a person who does not suffer from this impairment.

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My child is deaf – Mother's love

I am a mom. If you are too you surely know how challenging it is.I am a mom of a deaf child. That’s a one-level-up challenge. My second daughter, Helena, was born in 2012. I clearly remember the day when she was undergoing a mandatory hearing test in the hospital and the device kept displaying: TO BE CHECKED.

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A deaf child in a hearing family
Deafness. This diagnosis is like a sentence. It's hard to accept it. But now I am proud of my daughter's implants. And she likes them as well thanks to her colorful skins.
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