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Ways to protect your child's hearing aids or audio processors

Ways to protect your child's hearing aids or audio processors

Methods of protecting children's hearing aids or audio processors

The importance of protecting hearing devices

Hearing devices, such as hearing aids and audio processors, are not only valuable but also very costly. For children with hearing impairments, these devices are crucial in daily communication and learning. The precise settings and selection of these devices are the results of careful studies and consultations, so their loss or damage would be a serious problem. That's why ensuring proper protection of these devices is so important.

How to protect hearing aids or audio processors?

We offer a variety of solutions to help protect hearing aids and audio processors:

Headbands with special pockets

Children's activity often involves the risk of shifting or falling of the hearing aid or audio processor. Our special SmartEar headbands with pockets are the perfect solution to keep these devices in place, right behind the ear.

We offer a wide range of headbands tailored to both hearing aids and external parts of cochlear implants. SmartEar headbands are made of skin-safe materials, do not burden the ear, and provide children with full freedom of movement, which is extremely important for little explorers.


Safety clips

Safty clips are an effective protection against losing or dropping a hearing aid or speech processor. They are available in various versions, both for people using one and two devices. We offer different ways of fastening - from attaching to clothing to special hair clips. Designed with different tastes in mind, lanyards are available in versions for boys and girls, in various patterns, which can be both discreet and more eye-catching. There is also the option to choose lanyards with an ornamental character.

Our safty clips have already saved hearing aids from being lost on numerous occasions.

safty hooks

Ear holders

Silicone ear holders that we offer are invaluable support in keeping the audio  processor or hearing aid on the ear. Their main task is to ensure that the device stays in place and does not slide off the ear. Ear holders are specially designed to provide stability and certainty of holding. They are available in various versions, allowing everyone to choose the ideal model tailored to individual needs and the shape of the ear, ensuring maximum comfort and safety for the user.

Ear holders

Protective Cases

In our assortment, you will find silicone cases that perfectly fit all-in-one audio processors, such as Cochlear Kanso, MED-EL Rondo, or DL coil. These cases, put on the processor, provide comprehensive protection of the device, surrounding it from all sides. They work similarly to phone cases, protecting the processor in the event of a fall from impacts, dust, and other external threats.

Additionally, the cases can be combined with a special safety clip, which increases their safety and prevents falls.


Protective Springs

Springs are special protectors designed for delicate cables of all BTE audio processors, which not only strengthen them but also protect against all kinds of damage. They are especially popular among children, who can choose from various colours, adapting the protector to their style and preferences.

Springs are a practical solution that combines functionality with an attractive appearance, providing additional protection and personalization of the audio processor cable.


Ear Gear

Ear Gear covers are a proven solution of the canadian brand, which have been protecting hearing devices from various contaminants for years. They are designed to effectively protect against sweat, dust, dirt, and also accidental falls. Additionally, some versions of the covers are equipped with a lanyard with a clip, which increases the protection against losing the device.

They are available in many sizes and types, as well as in a diverse colour palette, allowing for customization to individual preferences and needs.

Ear gear

Insurance for audio processors

Do not forget about the insurance of the hearing aids or audio processor, which offers additional financial protection in case of loss or destruction. Get acquainted with the offer and insurance conditions.

Our experience and products

We encourage you to explore our range of protective solutions, thoughtfully designed for families whose children rely on cochlear implants or hearing aids. Our products are tailored to meet the unique needs of these young users and their parents.

By choosing our products, you can be sure that your child's hearing aid or audio processor is better protected. This not only facilitates daily functioning but also provides greater freedom and comfort.

Our experience with our daughter, who has been using hearing aids since birth and now uses cochlear implants, has allowed us to understand the needs and challenges faced by families of children with hearing impairments. We have created our offer to support other families in a similar situation.

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