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When we decide our hearing-impaired child is to have a hearing implant, we usually ask ourselves some questions about what will happen next? Will our lives change radically? And what we need to pay special attention to, what to learn and remember?

The implantation is, of course, preceded by a series of qualification tests, interviews with specialists such as speech therapists, educators, or psychologists. This allows us to prepare for what awaits us shortly after our child's surgery.

When the long-awaited moment comes and they take our child to the operating room, parents usually have various thoughts. But just keep calm. This is just the beginning of your adventure. Of course, no miracle will happen, and your child will not regain their hearing as if by magic. After a certain time (depending on the implant center), you will be back at the clinic to program the initial processor. From now on, it is up to you to make sure that the processor is in the right place so that the child's brain can slowly and gradually "open up" to new sounds. Usually you get information cards from the hospital with schedule of sound processor programming visits, on which the specialists observe the whole process related to the implant. All this of course takes some time. This is a process. Your task (as a parent) is to provide the child with proper speech therapy care, so that the child's auditory development is stimulated as much as possible and the benefits of the implantation are maximized. It is worth repeating the exercises proposed by specialists at home to maintain the continuity of this stimulation.

Another important issue is to think about insuring your sound processor. With small children, where their motor development activities are sometimes surprising, falls and damages are quite frequent. Now in Poland there are two companies on the market that insure such processors (Allianz and Uniqua). You should look at their offer and choose the best option for you. For falling down or damaging the processor, we also choose the best solution for wearing and protecting it (e.g. processor bands, cornets, safety pendants). To meet the needs of implants and hearing aids users, several "gadgets" have been created, which are extremely helpful to feel comfortable with processors or hearing aids. You can find all accessories on our website www.smartear.eu

So, having established speech therapy classes, early development support or other forms of specialist support, insured equipment, and a list of check-up visits to the clinic, we can take a break. The hardest time is behind us. Now, of course, our child is awaiting systematic and tedious rehabilitation, and parents must be patient. Following the advice of our specialists and working consistently on the child's auditory development, we will soon be able to reap the fruits of our labor. We wish all parents perseverance and patience, the child's sound successes and, of course,

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Bought a head band so that I could wear my cochlear implant during aqua fit class. Beautifully made. Not too tight or loose. Held processor securely in place. I'm in UK and ordered from Poland. Took a week to arrive but that was to be expected. Was notified on delivery throughout. Definitely 5* from this company. Thank you for helping me enjoy my aqua classes again!
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