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REHABILITATION CAMP, IS IT WORTH IT? Rehabilitation camp for children with hearing impairment is a week- or two week-long (depending on the organizer) child's stay with a guardian outside the place of residence that includes comprehensive rehabilitation and daily therapy of children with hearing impairment.

Thanks to such daily therapy in which our children participate, they have a chance to develop many functions. Parents, on the other hand, have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of their child's needs, and often use the help of an experienced psychologist. In addition to the skills our children acquire, we have the opportunity to make new, valuable friends. While meeting similar families, getting to know about their lives and experiences, we can clearly feel that we are not alone in all this. Therapies aside, the experiences of other parents and their children are an invaluable source of knowledge that can help us a lot in preparing for what may happen to us.

Individual or group classes are conducted at rehabilitation camps for children with hearing impairment. Both forms produce plenty of benefits. In individual classes, the therapist, with several hours at his disposal throughout the whole stay, can precisely determine a child's stage, what he/she is coping with, and what needs to be worked on. In group classes, aside from learning to cooperate, getting used to healthy competition and working in a group, children also learn how to function in more difficult acoustic conditions. Classes are divided into different areas. These include hearing training, logo-rhythmic classes with music, sensory classes, speech development classes, expanding vocabulary, learning to read and articulation. Therapists know their work methods well. These methods have a lot in common with the famous Cracow Method (Metoda Krakowska), verbo-tonal method, simultaneous-sequential method, dialogue and narration. All these methods lead to learning and improving effective communication.

Such classes are conducted in an atmosphere that allows building mutual relations between children, which in the future will result in better adaptation of children in society. Taking all this into account, rehabilitation camps bring great benefits for the whole family. You have to be aware that the costs of such camps are not small. However, it is worth to try out such forms of support offered by centers and associations specializing in the organization of camps for children with hearing impairment. Just remember that the first years of our child's life are crucial for speech development, cognitive and social development. Some things cannot simply be postponed. Time passes by and you have to be aware that many things will be hard to catch up later. The brain of a child is plastic, which is why even small children will benefit from such camps, and we, parents, can stay calm knowing that we provide our children with a better start into adulthood.
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